Private Yoga Session (1-on-2) – 3 pack

300.00$ 1 hour

So you decided to take yoga…maybe you aren’t ready to be in a group situation, maybe you simply just want to do it with a friend, a family member, or your significant other. Whatever your reason is 1-on-2, or private paired sessions are just what you need!

Taking yoga with another person is fun, you both face and overcome challenges together, grow together, and become closer with one another, but most importantly, you motivate each other to keep going when you don’t feel the desire.

Private sessions are the time where you can get away from the world, indulge in your essence, your energy, and your space with my the guidance as your personal yoga teacher; while working on the things that interest you, and benefit you best. However when you choose to do this with one other person, you welcome the opportunity to elevate your connection to each other, whether a friend, family member, or significant other.

Book a session with me today, and together let’s work to help you reach your goals!

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