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                              Ja’Shon – Jamila – Stephon – Charlese

This is MY Squad. It consists of myself (Jamila), my son (Ja’Shon), my homeboy (Stephon), and my homegirl (Charlese). Both Charlese and Stephon came on to offer whatever assistance they could. They’re very supportive and have been there since day 1. I’ve known Stephon for 22 years, and Charlese for 14 years. My son, now 14 years old has been very supportive since I first conceptualized this business back in 2009. He often finds me working late nights and early mornings, and never hesitates to tell me that he’s proud of me.

Charlese (Socially Flyy), Stephon (My Armour) and I are all entrepreneurs, I make it a point to support them just as much as they support me. We all just feed off of each other’s energy, and collaborative spirit. Ja’Shon is in a great position because he’s surrounded by entrepreneurs and my hope is that he will start a business of his own in the near future. Plus I keep him involved so he can see how business is run first-hand. At the same time he is getting a chance to develop and define his style, while seeing what he can bring to the table artistically. 

Watch out for MY Squad…BE TH3 CHANGE. Socially Flyy. My Armour. Designs by Ja’Shon.