The Face

Armed with a mission to change people’s perception of Eco-friendly clothing, Jamila Smith created, BE TH3 CHANGE, a brand that blends her love of Streetwear with sustainability. "I want people to realize that not all Eco-friendly clothing has to look like it’s made from a burlap sack! It also doesn’t have to read Save the Whales, Wildlife Fund, or any other blatant environmental related slogans. There is nothing wrong with those types of tees...more

The Squad

This is MY Squad. It consists of myself (Jamila), my son (Ja’Shon), my homeboy (Stephon), and my homegirl (Charlese). Both Charlese and Stephon came on to offer whatever assistance they could. They’re very supportive and have been there since day 1. I’ve known Stephon for 22 years, and Charlese for 14 years. My son, now 14 years old has been very supportive since I first conceptualized this business back in 2009. He often...more

The Story...

The Reason Behind The Name: BE TH3 CHANGE was derived from one of my favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Change can mean many things for different people. It can simply mean a change in how one does something, a physical change, a mental change, a change in the way one views the world, or as simple as...more