30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 26)

Day 26: Things you’d say to an ex

Say to an ex

Honestly, I have nothing negative to say to my ex. Often times I think people are so caught up in their emotions and are still holding on to anger or pain when they resent their exes. The way I look at it is we had something, it was great while it lasted, it was not meant to be, but I wish you all the best. “I truly hope that you achieve all of your dreams and goals.” Those seem to be my parting words every time I decide to leave a situation.

If I would have any resentment towards and ex, or an old flame, how would I be able to move on to the next situation? That wouldn’t be fair to me, or the next guy. I do my best to not carry relationship baggage. Travel light…let go of the past.

Wish your exes the best, because at one time they were exactly what you needed, and if you feel the need to bash anyone that you have been with or dealt with, you may need to take time for self-reflection ’cause you’re attracting ain’t shyt men (or women).