30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 21)

Day 21: Your zodiac/horoscope and whether you think it fits you


Yesssssssss! I AM a PROUD ARIES! The description of an Aries is very much me; however, I have worked on some of the negative traits over the years (e.g. thinking before I act, and hesistating before I speak my mind when it comes to sensitive ass people, etc.) so I consider myself an evolved Aries. I do still have some of the negative traits; I am impatient like a MF, I can be impulsive, I’m quick to react and snap back if I feel challenged or disrespected, more so, if you disrespect someone I care about. I have a fighter spirit, I do not give up easily. I am highly ambitious, and I’m always doing a million and one things at a time. If I have to focus on one task at a time I get bored, because I don’t feel like I’m being stimulated enough, that and I feel lazy. I am EXTREMELY loyal, sometimes to the wrong people and the wrong things, but it is who I am. 

When it comes to horoscopes, I do not do daily horoscopes, nor believe in them, only because they are too general. The monthly horoscopes usually go deeper and can be more accurate. However, I have found that tarotscopes offer the most validity for me. Again, because these are so general you have to look around to find a reader that resonates with your soul. You can find most tarotscopes on YouTube.