30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 19)

Day 19: Five fears that you have


This list is comprised of fears that used to be real; however, nowadays, I have learned to not let my fears control me, or my actions. Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. Once you realize that fear is merely a paralyzing obstruction meant to keep you from achieving a goal, or doing something mundane (e.g. going into the basement to get something you need because you fear there may be spiders hiding in the crevices and that’s one of your fears), you can recognize it for what it is and overcome “said fear” by changing the way you perceive fear.

Anyways, one to the list…

  1. Success – This used to be a real fear of mine because I was unsure what would come with success. Would I have an extreme amount of haters coming out of the woodwork? Would people be prying into my private life? Would I be full of myself because I let my ego take the wheel? Would people become offended by my success? Either way, I overcame this fear quite easily because (1) I never pay attention to haters – I do not give them a platform to stand on, I achieve this by never addressing them; (2) I just take it one day at a time, when those other obstacles surface (if they ever do) I’ll act accordingly; (3) I try my best to remain grounded, I am a humble person by nature; (4) If someone were to become offended by my success, that’s their problem, not mine…moving on. 
  2. Not making a positive impact on the world – I truly live by that quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi. If I’m not making a positive impact on the world, some way, somehow; I’m doing something wrong.
  3. Not inspiring those closest to me to be the greatest version of themselves – This mainly extends to my son, future children, and future husband; however, I would love to inspire others close to me as well. If my mere presence and how I live my life isn’t inspiring you to be a better version of you, I’m doing something wrong. I feel that those closest to you should have the biggest impact on your life; not necessarily in trying to live your life according to someone else’s definition of what makes a person great, but their life should be inspiring enough to make YOU want to CHANGE and GROW daily.
  4. Taking on more than I can handle – However, that’s never stopped me from putting more on my plate. How does that saying go? “An entrepreneur tends to bite off more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.” Roy Ash, Litton Industries. Well…That’s me.
  5. Hidden – The last one, I’ll keep to myself. It is really personal and I have only shared it with two people. The random homie who asked what my biggest fear was, and I came to the realization right then and there, and “WC.” If you don’t know who “WC” is by now, refer back to Day 11.