30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 16)

Day 16: Bullet your entire day

my day

Well…whoever came up with this writing prompt was either out of ideas to write about, or just nosy AF. LOL. Here goes my Monday:

  1. Woke up around 7am
  2. Checked social media and email
  3. Received an email at 7:30am asking me to come in at 8am – I declined
  4. Brushed teeth
  5. Received a phone call at 9am to discuss a new schedule and see if I could come in for a partial day – I agreed
  6. Unpacked car from the weekend’s tradeshow events
  7. Took a shower
  8. Got dressed
  9. Drank some water
  10. Drove to Verizon to fix issue with new phone
  11. Dropped off car at the mechanic to get catalytic converter replaced
  12. Mechanic dropped me off at the job
  13. Got badge activated, completed a walk-thru, got tools, and discussed new proposed schedule
  14. Mechanic picked me up
  15. Got my car
  16. Drove home
  17. Asked son if he wanted to go back to Verizon to meet Marcel Resse – he declined
  18. Ate something (can’t recall)
  19. Had a convo with my son about my new schedule
  20. Watched a few vids on YouTube
  21. Went to bed around 6pm
  22. Woke up at 11:30pm to get ready for work