30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 15)

Day 15: Three pet peeves


This is gonna be easy…LOL

  1. Grade level grammatical errors. Anyone who knows me know this is an extreme pet peeve of mine. That’s why if you go back to Day 11, you can see where I noted “said person” knew how to spell. I said it jokingly, but I am very serious. It baffles me how many people spell things wrong all the time. It irritates me to my core, especially to the point that if I were interested in a man he becomes less attractive once I start seeing those grammatical errors. I think it is truly and utterly ridiculous that grown ass people cannot spell. I mean, it’s not big words, they are basic nouns, pronouns, and contractions. I find it ridiculous that I even have to put that on my list of wants when it comes to finding HIM, like why do I have to be excited about some basic shyt, like “oooooh, he can spell…” WTF? I always feel like if you’re texting and you’re unsure, text-talk. If you don’t know the correct form of your (you’re) to use, use UR; not that f*cking hard! When I get that “your beautiful” text, I’m literally between feeling appreciative and having a face palm moment. For those people that say auto-text is the cause and they don’t feel like changing every word, that just makes you look lazy. It takes nothing to train that keyboard. It shows that you’d rather look like a f*cking buffoon than take a moment to correct those mistakes.grammar
  2. Lazy people. Yooooooooooooooo! Real talk, if you’re lazy I CANNOT fuck with you! My soul does not like lazy, and can’t connect with those who display that trait. It irritates me to my core. I’m not lazy and because I’m doing a million and one things all the time, when I see someone not pulling their weight, or just not doing shyt, it irritates me. It doesn’t irritate me to the point where I will go off on someone (unless it is my child), but it irritates me to the point where I can’t be around that person. I won’t wanna do shyt with you, and I don’t even want you in the vicinity of me. Your lazy ass energy is stifling my go-getter¬†spirit. Get that shyt outta here! I’m gonna throw a bonus on this one, slow people. I cannot take them. Slow as in not grasping seemingly simple concepts to where I need to repeat myself more than a few times. Everyone has a learning curve, and we all like to double check that we have understood what was said, but when things are simple and the instructions need to be repeated more than a few times, it makes me have this face…NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: Kanye West at 106 & Park Studio on April 9, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images)
  3. Fucking Captain Obvious! Shyt! I can’t stand a Captain obvious. I really try and be kool when people ask questions that have an obvious answer. I have a smart mouth and I try hard to minimize my sarcasm in this instance, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. If it’s someone I don’t know, I usually bite my tongue, but am undergoing an internal war while answering the obvious question. If someone asks an obvious question in writing (e.g. text, social media, etc.) I just won’t answer. I figure they will figure it out on their own.captain obvious