30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 9)

Day 9: Your feelings on ageism


Ummmm…I guess the first thing to do is define what ageism is for those who have no idea. Ageism is the prejudice or discrimination based on someone’s age, sort of like sexism.

Now let’s get to it! I think ageism is ridiculous! One example, when I used to be in charge of interviewing people for data center tech positions, I came across this guy who was clearly in his 50’s. At first my boss automatically wanted to turn him away because he felt that as an older gentleman he wouldn’t be able to keep up. I told him, “No, this guy has charisma! You have to hire him!” He ended up being an excellent technician.

There are people that get turned away from things because of their age, or not taken seriously if their too young (something else I dealt with in the IT field). People just have to stop judging people based on things they cannot change. Every individual is different, and should be looked at as such. Age does not define wisdom, strength, nor maturity.