30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 7)

Day 7: What tattoos you have and if they have meaning


I have (4) tattoos, (2) on my back, (1) on the inside of my right wrist, and (1) behind my right ear.

Tattoo #1: Two Chinese characters that mean sexy. However, there is not a Chinese character that means sexy, so the two characters are Sex and Good Looking. How do I know it’s legit? I had an old Chinese man tattoo me, and it has been verified by countless other Chinese people. 


Tattoo #2: Stars on the inside of my right wrist. My girl cousins on my dad’s side and I decided to get stars on the inside of our right wrist. Each person was responsible for their own design. Though all of our tattoos are different, they all symbolize the same thing, our grandmother. She is still alive, in awesome shape for 92 years old, but we just wanted to do something to strengthen our bond to one another while honoring her. We call them the LeBeau (our grandmother’s maiden name) stars.


Tattoo #3: A Cancer constellation behind my right ear. My son is a Cancer, and they signify him. This is the best shot I have, just know it looks like the pic on the right. 

IMAG1053-1 cancer_black

Tattoo #4: The Aries piece I designed. I am an Aries, and very proud of it. There are (2) rams jumping out of the flames, with a woman (my alter ego) walking out of the flames. The rams symbolize the Aries sign, the woman symbolizes me, and the fire represents the element the sign is under.

2014-08-09 19.26.29