30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 6)

Day 6: Someone who fascinates you and why


This someone, without a doubt is my son, Ja’Shon (pronouced Jay-Shawn)! I love him to death, but that is not why he fascinates me! Ja’Shon is more than an amazing kid. He is a stellar athlete, a caring person, who is full of energy and optimism. He is very mature for his age, and has not only been a great son, but an even better friend to me; he is my youngest best friend.

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When Ja’Shon was born and they put him in my arms, he looked at me with his big, olive green eyes, and smiled. I laughed and said, “he’s gonna be goofy.” LOL. Trust he is..hahaha. The nurses were amazed because they said babies usually don’t smile when they are first born. Then they took him to the nursery and laid him on his stomach, he pushed himself up, and turned around and looked at the nurses like, “why the hell y’all got me on my stomach?” LOL. The nurses were beyond baffled because they said, “Newborns cannot hold their heads up on their own. They usually don’t do that until they’re at least 2 weeks old.” At four months, I put him on his tummy, on a blanket in the middle of the floor, so I could get the food off of the stove. Mind you he wasn’t even crawling yet, so I thought. I was away for all of 2 mins, came around the corner and he was no longer on the blanket. This boy, crawled (or scooted) himself over to the corner of the living room, found a potted planted, picked it up and poured out the dirt all over the carpet. CTFU! Now, was I mad? Hell no! I was wondering how I gave birth to baby HULK. I was like what baby at 4 months is picking up plants and dumping the dirt out?! AMAZING!

When he was about 18 months, they would call him Mr. Fixit, because he would take things apart and put them back together. He would watch the older kids at daycare do things and follow suit. His strength continued to increase, his dad and his dad’s friend’s always talked about how strong he was. As he got older he became a Lego genius, I saw him do things with Legos I haven’t seen many people do. He would find a way to combine the larger and smaller Legos to make something amazing.

As he got older I seen him grow as an athlete and a young man. His support for me and my business is unmatched. He often sees me working late nights, and always comes by and tells me he loves me, and that he is proud of me. He loves to wear the designs I’ve printed, and rep BE TH3 CHANGE. PhotoGrid_1432785835252 PhotoGrid_1436053437352 PhotoGrid_1439223459570

I was really amazed when we did the photoshoot, as he was nervous, but he was the first up and absolutely KILLED IT! I got chills watching him up there, I was so proud!


I’m just gonna cut it right there, but you can check out his athletic ability below!  

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/0UwBrLPqyWA” width=”460″ height=”300″][youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBfSfHYGSGs[/youtube] [/su_youtube]