30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 3)

Day 3: Your first love and first kiss; if separate, discuss both

First Love

My first REAL love is my son’s father. We met when I was seventeen, he was nineteen. I don’t know exactly at what point it turned from I really like you to I LOVE you, but I know it didn’t take long. We met at Summer Jam (1999) he was with his friends, I was with mine. I remember that was the year my friends and I decided that we were gonna be bold enough to holla at the guys that we wanted instead of waiting for them to come to us. LOL. 

I saw him within 15mins of arriving at the venue. I walked passed him and he caught my eye. He looked at me and was cheesing. I just remember thinking, “mmm…who is this tall, lightskin, man. He’s fine!” After walking a few feet I thought to myself, “He’s gonna be the first person I get at.” I mean I had to set the tone and the example for my friends in case they wanted to b*tch up. I am an Aries, so I must lead. 

As I turned around to walk over to him, I seen him heading my way. Later he told me he was coming to talk to me, but I got at him first. This is how the legend goes, he will never discredit this! Hahaha. I asked him his name, he spoke with an accent so I asked where he was from; he was from Brooklyn. *Swoon* He was 6’4, with a nice smile, and a style that was different from the guys around my way. We exchanged pager numbers (yes MFs, I said pager), and the rest was history. 

My first love…

first kiss

My first kiss…I was 12 years old. I remember people talking shyt (I don’t really consider myself as being one who was teased) about how I’ve never “french kissed a boy before.” Like that was taboo to be twelve and not have made out with someone. SMH.

However, I had a boyfriend at the time, he was 14 years old ( I was also his first kiss). We decided we were gonna go for it. I remember he had an apple flavored Jolly Rancher in his mouth, so not only was my first kiss magical, but it was tasty.