30 Day Writing Challenge (Day 1)

Day 1: Five problems with social media

  1. Internet Gangstas – I mean people and their over-inflated egos start becoming abnormally bold on keyboards. They argue with complete strangers and really be getting upset, like seriously. LOL. It’s all fun and games to the agitator until the agitated gets serious and starts looking for ways to meet up in person. 
    My sentiments exactly…


  1. False sense of reality / creates illusions – Man, where do I begin on this one. Social media has some of the most ridiculous people becoming Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (pick your platform) famous. There are people who are genuinely doing something or have some sort of talent to justify their popularity. However, when you have people doing dumb shyt, or taking off their clothes to become Internet famous it creates this false sense of reality as if these people who follow them actually have some kind of love or appreciation for them. Now everybody is important in this world, but when people start letting the “fame” get to their heads and they start thinking they’re better than others, that’s a problem. I’d say, dear sir (or madam), you are caught in an illusion. To add to that, it causes more people to hate and be jealous because most people post pictures or statuses that reflect a seemingly perfect life. Often times the onlookers neglect to realize achievements don’t happen over night, so stop hating.


  1. Increased Narcissism – This really should have been number one! LOL. My God, narcissism is at an all time high! I still cannot understand people who take selfies, or write a status and like their or shyt! I’m like, “Yo, you posted it for the world to see, it’s obvious you liked it!” That is one of the most annoying things, and more so a turn off when it comes to males. LOL. I’m like don’t let me see your picture floating thru my feed because you recently liked your own shyt! CTFU! I really can’t! Some people are not bothered by it, but to me, taking that extra step to like something you posted just kicked that narcissism level up a few notches. With this increased narcissism comes  the need (almost like an addict) to post more, and show more, to keep those likes and follows coming. Trust me, that statement is not limited to just females, males are guilty of this too. It’s actually worse to find a male who posts so many damn selfies; it’s a turn-off because that’s a female trait. Why are you snapping so much?! LOL


  1. Desensitization by means of showing the world – Meaning people can see car accidents, people fighting, someone getting attacked, etc., etc. and instead of helping or respecting the traumatic experience, muf*ckas wanna pull out their phones and hit record! SMDH. Recently, I was at my son’s football game and one of his teammates got hurt badly. Knee went out of the socket and was stuck. He was down on the field for about 20 mins before the ambulance arrived. This broad in the stands starts recording him down in pain, recorded his dad when he went on the field to be by his son’s side, recorded him being put into the ambulance. So ridiculous, this b*tch had NO decency whatsoever.


  1. Addictive – This is probably the biggest problem with social media. It is time consuming and addictive. So much that a lot of people are losing touch with people in the real world. They are becoming anti-social/socially awkward because they have forgotten how to interact with people in person. They are so used to being another person behind the screen, that is not the case with everyone though. Nearly most of us (me included) can be walking down the street, or driving and checking whatever social media account. This is why I take time to disconnect from time to time.