Black History Month: Black Fitness – Gym Owners

Black Fitness – Gym Owners

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  • The Inner Athlete – Unofficially the 1st Black Female-Owned Gym in the US
  • Elite Fitness Studio – Husband and Wife Owned Gym 
  • Weekly Boot camps, classes, and personal training sessions to help people lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Breaking the cycle of obesity among Blacks by promoting a healthy lifestyle

Here’s The Statistics

The obesity rates among Blacks are high in comparison to those of other nationalities; however, that is not the issue. The issue in my opinion is the obesity rates among Blacks are high – PERIOD. More specifically, for Black women. The reality is 4 out of 5 (or 82%) of Black women are either overweight or obese. When you look at those numbers, comparing the weight differences among other race groups is unnecessary; it is no surprise that diabetes, and other weight related illnesses are prevalent within the Black community. Though there are many independent Black trainers who work to help people break the norms, I would like to highlight two Black-owned gyms that help to tackle this issue.

**NOTE: Neither of these gyms are racially discriminatory, they service clients from all nationalities. **

The Inner Athlete

24th - Alondra

Alondra Chatman (also known as Mama Muscle), is the Founder and Owner of the Inner Athlete in San LeAndro, CA, which opened in 2006. She is not only the owner, but she trains clients through personal training sessions, and provides contest prep. Contest prep is a program which prepares an individual for fitness competitions on all levels. However, her expertise is more prevalent in the Bikini and Physique areas.

24th - contest collageAlondra, has trained many women (and some men) to get to that ideal competition size. In addition, she has competed in many competitions and won!

It was her love of sports and active lifestyle which kept her in the gym, but it wasn’t until she was coaxed into teaching an aerobics class that, that light bulb went off and she thought, this may be for her. The “ah-ha” moment came when she was introduced to the world of personal training through her coach and trainer, Kevin Williams. She said, one session with him and she realized she had “never really been challenged,” from then on she was hooked!

The Inner Athlete has grown from having one trainer (Alondra) in 2006, to having (4) FT trainers, and (4) PT trainers. In addition, Alondra has recently expanded the Inner Athlete to include, a sauna, and massage table along with everything else that had already been offered. To find out more about The Inner Athlete, you can visit the site here.

24th - Inner Athlete Trainers
The Inner Athlete Trainers


Elite Fitness Studio

24th - Elite Fitness

Remi Henderson and Branden Henderson (also known as Mr. and Mrs. Elite Fitness), are the Husband and Wife duo who Founded and Own the Elite Fitness Studio. Both Remi and Branden are former Inner Athlete trainers who have had so much success with their client-base that they decided to venture out and open up their own gym! The Elite Fitness Studio opened February 1st, 2014, and is also located in San LeAndro, CA, it just happens to be at the former location of The Inner Athlete, and they are giving it new life!

They have been hosting outdoor and indoor boot camps on their own for a while in addition to offering personal training sessions. This husband and wife team is strong, full of energy, motivation, and are very committed to promoting better health. 

24th - Elite Fitness duo  24th - Elite Fitness wkout  24th - Elite Fitness mens24th - Elite Fitness bootcamp






Mr. and Mrs. Elite Fitness seem to have a strong following for a new gym, they can only go up from here! If you’d like to find out more information about Elite Fitness Studio, go here.


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