Black History Month: Dr. Lee Gause

Dr. Lee Gause

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18th - Dr. Lee Gause


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  • Founder of Smile Factory; a non-profit organization that provides free dental care to people in need
  • Co-Founder of Celebrities for Smiles; a program where a a weekend will be dedicated to meeting the needs of kids in need of dental care
  • Creator of the Smile Design Gallery; where art is sold to provide free dental care to people in need
  • Has provided well over $100k worth of charitable dentistry to date
  • Lecturer to Dental Residents on topics in cosmetic dentistry

Earning His Credentials 

Dr. Lee Gause comes from a long line of exceptional dentists. Both of his parents are dentists in North Carolina, and his mother was awarded membership into the prestigious International College of Dentists. He also has an uncle and a multitude of cousins whom are dentists, but in the Michigan area. 

Dr. Lee graduated from Howard University’s School of Dentistry (a Historically Black College) at the top of his class. There, he was honored with the highest award for character, academic performance, and clinical proficiency of any dentists in his dental training program. 

He was the recipient of the coveted Doctor of the Year award during his residency, and completed the prestigious two-year certificate program in implant dentistry at New York University (NYU). Currently, Dr. Lee is a clinical associate professor at NYU in the Implant Dentistry program, where he is responsible for training other dentists to surgically place and restore dental implants.

Since 2005, Dr. Lee has been practicing dentistry. During his career, he has founded Smile Factory, Smile Design Manhattan, co-founded Celebrities for Smiles, and created the Smile Design Gallery. His younger brother, Alexander Gause, a graduate of University of North Carolina has joined Dr. Lee at Smile Design Manhattan.

Smile Design Gallery

Smile Design Gallery is a concept created by Dr. Lee Gause of Smile Design Manhattan. Dr. Gause puts together different shows every month and 100% of the proceeds go toward providing free dentistry to people who don’t have dental insurance. Past galleries have included Takashi Murakami, Photographer Davide Luciano, Art Collective UR New York, and Photographer Chi Modu.



Examples of His Charitable Work

Celebrities For Smiles is a program where a weekend will be devoted to meeting the needs of some kids in need of dental care. Dr. Lee is the dentist for many models and celebrities. On June 5, 2010 Dr. Gause matched the dentistry he’s performed on some of America’s top athletes and models, and provided free dentistry to a group of kids who have 18th - Dr. Lee Gause Haitinot recently seen a dentist. The children who were treated as part of this program not only received much needed dental work, but they also got a chance to meet some of their favorite celebrities in the dental office.

On November 20, 2011, Dr. Lee Gause and his mother, Dr. Suzette Stines traveled to the Edeyo School in Haiti, which was founded by Marketing Genius Unik Ernest in order to facilitate Medical and Dental screenings for the 300 kids at the school. Education experts have shown that overall health is necessary for academic performance. The care was provided by Haitian medical and dental students under the supervision of NY cosmetic dentist, Lee Gause and local pediatricians.

In 2011, Dr. Lee turned to Facebook to ask his followers to identify someone whom was in need of a new smile; that person was 12-year old, cancer survivor, Giana Gergoire. Giana suffered from tooth decay, cavities, gaps and discoloring. But her family didn’t have enough money to pay for her dental treatment. After having missed a year of school due to her illness, Giana desperately wanted a new smile to accompany her renewed lease on life. So, Dr. Lee showed up at her door, and got to work! He estimated the pro bono job would involve about $10,000 in dental work when it was completed.

More recently, on January 30th at Riverside Church, Dr. Lee, Smile Design Gallery, A$AP Mob and VIBE Magazine joined forces at The Harlem Fine Arts Show for the official A$AP Mob Street Art Show, hosting works for sale from A$AP Ty. Generously, all proceeds from the sales of art went toward providing free dentistry for The Bowery Mission. Also in attendance serving as host for the event and to show her continued support for Smile Design Gallery was Angela Simmons.


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