Grammy’s: Who Killed the Stage?

Morning, morning everyone! Now I know most people watched the Grammy’s last night, and some of y’all didn’t, so I wanted to rundown my fav performances of the night. Let’s start this list off with P!nk!

P!nk’s Flying High

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As a solo performer she was amazing! There aren’t many artists that can sing well live, let alone do it while performing aerial stunts. So off top, she was killing it! When she finally hit the stage, she balanced that dude on her lil body, I was like gone with your lil thick self! LOL

The only “iffy” part of the performance was the duet, Nate kinda killed it (not in a good way) trying to hit those high notes; however, it was a good performance overall.


Beyonce and Jay-Z vs Katy Perry and Juicy J

                                                              jay-z-beyonce-grammys               VS           katy-perry-juicy-j-grammys



In this match up, I’m sorry, but Katy Perry took that. In my opinion, she had a better performance all the way around. I’m not sure why people were sleeping on this performance??

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I was feeling the whole Salem scene, it fit well with the feel of the song. She started out in a the crystal ball, then the dark horse emerged on the big screen behind (dope), and when that cross lit up on her chest, oh man! Plus, that lil contortionist was fire! I like the broomstick pole dance too, but Katy came off that leg extension a half a second too early so it wasn’t as sultry as it could have been. She ended the performance being burned at the stake. Like I said, the whole Salem scene, start to finish. It definitely was visually entertaining!


The Most Game Changing Performance Goes to…Macklemore!

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It’s not that he had the greatest performance, he just did something amazing! To have these same-sex, interracial, and other couples get married on national TV to further symbolize the lyrics to Same Love was big! You have to admit that. The song has a powerful message for a lot of people, though it’s not one of my favorite songs, I can definitely respect it.

Though, I’m really not sure if the marriage is legit. Is Queen Latifah an ordained minister now? LOL. If not, it was still a good statement nonetheless.




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I truly saved the BEST for last! Man, I can’t say enough about this performance! It was…my God, the best performance of the night! I mean everything was right about this performance from the lighting to the all white apparel, and the energy on the stage was second to none. It was as if the whole crowd woke up when he hit the stage! I can’t take anything away from Imagine Dragons because they undeniably did their thing! The best part had to be when Kendrick decided to “tell the world about him” at the end, he just flowed. It was like he was lost in the moment and he became one with the music. You could tell he was feeling it too because I guarantee that scream that emerged from his mouth was as unexpected to him as it was to us. LOL. He was just on IT last night!

Side note: Shout out to Taylor Swift who was turn’t up ALL NIGHT in the crowd! LOL. Plus she did her thang on the stage last night ( and I don’t even like country music)! 


Photo Cred: Yahoo! Music
Photo Cred: Yahoo! Music