Handmade By Mila

You may have seen some of my knit pieces floating around the internet, and a few of you have been lucky enough to own one or two. I know there have been a few questions as to whether or not these are a part of the Brand, so I’d like to address that now.

What’s up with these scarves?

This journey into the knit world began when my boy had seen some of the t-shirt scarves I made and was like, “Those are nice, but how come you don’t make scarves for men?” I’m like, “How the hell can I make a t-shirt scarf masculine???” So I began experimenting with new techniques, and taught myself to knit and crochet. Of course, I had to make pieces for myself first (right…lol) to test and see:

  • How long it would take me to complete one piece
  • Would this be possible to do on a large scale

…from there, I would begin working on the men’s scarves. After I made a few pieces for myself, I started wearing them out and getting compliments on them; from there, people started requesting them.

Then I had the genius idea that I would sell these knit pieces as another way to raise capital for my business. The profit I obtain from selling these scarves will be used to help fund the t-shirt portion of the Brand.

Will these be a part of the Brand?

At this time, the knit scarves will NOT be a part of the Brand. However, if I find the kind of yarn I want, which is reflective of my Brand (e.g. high quality, eco-friendly, and made in America) these will indeed be a part of the Brand.

Even though, I am not using eco-friendly yarn, I do my best to ensure that the yarn I do purchase and use for the knit pieces are made in the USA because this is very important to me (read why in the Story Behind the Brand). Though in some cases they may be made elsewhere, if a particular yarn is unavailable as USA made and I really want to try out a new yarn. (That’s just me being honest). Wink

How Can I Get My Hands on one of these knit pieces?

The knit versions of the scarves will be exclusively offered on my social networking pages (links available in both the header and footer of this page), via email and my Etsy Store (once I get that up, so keep checking). To ensure you don’t miss out, follow, like, or add me to your circle (google +).

multi blk cowl
This is just an example of the cowl I did. It is no longer available online, as it was a limited item.
white cowl
Here it is in white…