Inspired Future

It’s about that time of year where people start thinking about the changes they’d like to make in the New Year. 

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Just about everybody makes a goal or two, but how many people actually see their goal(s) through till the end? Not many. Once the newness wears off, people get bored, and most people will return to their old habits or make excuses as to why it can’t be done right now. Prime example, look at the gym right after the New Year vs. the gym in February or March, the drop-off rate is astounding!

I feel like… “People have good intentions to succeed, but most don’t have the follow through to get there.”

So what can you do to ensure a greater success rate? Create a process that works for YOU! There are tons of goal setting methods out there, but if it doesn’t fit into your life seamlessly; it won’t work – period. I want to share with you my goal setting process for 2014. Here it is in 5 steps:

1.) Start early. I think the earlier you start the better (I actually began planning on Dec. 7th). Start thinking about the goals you made for 2013 and whether or not you accomplished them. If not, you may want to carry that goal over to 2014, or you may want to scrap it altogether. Basically, this is where you brainstorm. This process can take a couple days, or a couple weeks depending on the types of goals.

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2.)Identify your goals. Write them down AND identify the steps you need to take to achieve each goal (this step is very important). Writing down a goal without identifying the needed steps, is like trying to get somewhere you’ve never been without directions – it’s nearly impossible. You can also organize your goals into categories (e.g. health, business, financial, etc.) if you want. I like my shyt organized, so that’s what I do. Bonus: Also, I chose to create a goal board. A goal board is there to remind you of what you need to accomplish. Look to this as your To-Do List to becoming a better you.

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3.) Create inspiration boards to keep you motivated. I’m sure you’ll have a mix of long-term and short-term goals. Any goal can take a while to reach, and at any point on your journey, you can become discouraged. Inspiration boards are there to keep you inspired to reach your goals. So when you find yourself feeling like, “F*ck this damn goal, I’m close enough!” Look at your inspiration boards to give you that encouragement. It’s merely one way to motivate yourself. You can put whatever you want on the boards; quotes, pics, words, objects, whatever, it’s yours, so make it DOPE! (Yes, all my boards have “spiration” Bizspiration, Hairspiration, Fitspiration…’cause it was catchy!)

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4.) Create achievements and rewards. Me personally, I’m putting these on a board. These are there to chart your accomplishments and remind you to reward yourself for each goal attained. Since this is all about YOU, you determine what the reward is. It could simply be the achieved goal itself, new shoes, a new tee ( 😉 😉 ), or a trip somewhere. You know what you like, so you decide. Also, keep the rewards pertinent to the goal – remember there’s levels to this shyt! The bigger the goal, the bigger the reward! Spoil yourself, you deserve it.

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5.) Display your boards. Hang them around your room, your house, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere that will ensure they get looked at EVERY DAY.

Remember, this is just one goal setting method. This may, or may not work for you, but find something that works for you so you can accomplish all that you set out to! Stay motivated, be inspired, BE TH3 CHANGE.

Tell me about your goal setting method(s), you never know, you can inspire someone else.