Poppin the Cherry

What’s up, world! This first post will serve as an introduction to the blog portion of the site.

What you can expect now:

  • Randomness
  • What’s New with the Brand
  • Motivational/Inspirational Stuff
  • Green ish
  • Other Industry related news I find interesting

As the Brand continues to grow, I will expand on the topics I write about. However, I’m really utilizing this blog as a way to express myself, it will be reflective of me and the things I like. If you’re offended by cussing, you need not read my blog. I mean I don’t curse like a sailor, but I am an adult and I like to use “sentence enhancers” rather frequently.

So if you can get with that, strap up, and come along for the RIDE!

Consider that, cherry popped (POP)!